Monday, November 15, 2010

Work out Submitted by Jonathan Miller

This workout was submitted to us by one of our facebook fans, Jonathan Miller. Try it out. Let us know what you think!

Warm up:
200m/y - easy, choice
200m/y - easy kick

Workout sets:
2 sets x 100m/y - Individual Medley (fly, back, breast, free) - 30 seconds rest between sets
3 sets x 50m/y - free, sprint - 45 seconds rest between sets
2 sets x 50m/y - negative splits - 45 seconds rest between sets
1 set x 100m/y - easy kick
6 sets x 75m/y - IM (fly, back, breast; free, fly, back; breast, free, fly;) - 45 seconds rest between sets
1 set x 100m/y - easy kick
10 x 50m/y sprints on the 1min or 1:10
1 set x 100m/y - easy kick
10 sets x 100m/y - alternating choice

Cool down:
100m/y - easy, choice
1 set x 100m/y - easy kick

Approximate time: 60 minutes
Total distance: 3300m/y


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