Thursday, November 11, 2010

Choosing Goggles

Having a reliable pair of goggles is important for all water sports, especially swimming. Not everyone can win races by closing their eyes and counting stroke the way Michael Phelps did during his butterfly at the Beijing Olympics.

When buying swim goggles, there are three factors that you should consider; quality, cost, and most importantly fit.  Goggles keep chlorinated water out of your eyes which allow you to see during your race or whatever sport you are competing in.

Swim goggles must be able to withstand repeated exposure to chlorine and water. When selecting a pair of goggles, check the quality of the rubber around the headband to ensure it is at least 0.07 inches (2 mm) thick. The most common issue with goggles is related to issues with the rubber headband. 

Many types of goggles come with anti-fog coating, with a chemical applied to the inside of the lenses. This coating reduces the development of condensation that can occur during swimming. The condensation is caused by the contrast between the heat inside the eyepiece and water temperature. 

Goggles range in cost from around $5 - $50. To help decide how much you should spend on your goggles, consider how often you swim, and how rough you are on your equipment. Goggle lenses are made of plastic and scratch easily. If you are rough on your equipment or are buying goggles for children, consider the replacement cost. You might also consider getting less expensive practice goggles and reserve your higher quality goggles for competitions.

 When putting on swim goggles, push the eyepieces of the goggles firmly against your eyes. The rubber creates a seal and keeps the water out.

We, at The Lifeguard Store, recommend the Speedo Vanquisher Goggles. They are a good quality at a good price.  But we carry many other brands and styles if you prefer or would just like to try something different.


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