Friday, May 13, 2011

Workout 3 (Submitted by Sue Novitsky, Head Coach of the Women's Swimming & Diving)

Workout 3
This was a Friday morning swimming practice for the middle distance – distance swimmers that we did the 3rd week in October 2010.  On Friday morning the emphasis was short rest with the goal of establishing a smooth and flowing rhythm with the stroke.  There were two different main sets either for athletes who swim the 400IM through the 1650 and for the 200 swimmers on down.   The total yardage for the practice was 5,500 yards.

400                         Swim                                                                                                     6:00
4 X 100                  Swim                                                                                                     1:25
4 X 50                    Swim                                                                                                     40
60 Seconds Rest
300                         Kick, Build each 100                                                                         6:00
8 X 50                    25 Drill/25 Swim                                                                                50
8 X 25                    Swim, 15m burst                                                                              30
100                         Swim, Recovery

Main Set A (400IM, 500, 1000, 1650 swimmers)
40 X 50                  Swim, Free, goal hold 29 or ò                                                     40

Main Set B (200 swimmers + ò)
10 X 50                  Swim, major stroke                                                                         40 – BK
                                BK – goal 32 or ò, BR goal 35 or ò                                             45 – BR
10 X 50                  Kick, major stroke, goal hold 42 or ò                                       50
10 X 50                  Swim, major stroke (same goal times)                                    40 – BK
                                                                                                                                                45 – BR
10 X 50                  Swim, Free, goal hold 29 or ò                                                     40

200                         Swim, Recovery

2 X [       200         Kick, moderate                                                                                 3:45
                3 X 50    Kick                                                                                                        45

600                         Swim/Pull


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