Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Workout 1 (Submitted by Sue Novitsky, Head Coach of the Women's Swimming & Diving)

This was an afternoon swimming workout that the 200 stroke and IM athletes did 4 weeks out of the Big Ten Conference Championships in 2002.  The workout totals 4,500 yards and the total for the day was 6,500 yards, which was the aim for that cycle.  The focus of the main set was a threshold set to elevate their heart rates for approximately 25 minutes.  The morning workout consisted of our second weight workout for the week and 2000 yards of swimming after weights.  A summary of times held during the main set is listed after the workout.

500                         Swim
300                         Kick
8 X 75                    50 Drill/25 Swim                              15 Sec. Rest
8 X 25                    Swim, Variable                                 40

8 X 100                  Swim, Freestyle, Threshold               1:20
8 X 100                  Swim, Stroke, Threshold                   1:30 – FL/BK
                                                                                       1:40 – BR
Check heart rate immediately
100                         Swim, Recovery
Check heart rate
3 X 50                    Swim, Pace                                      60
250                         Swim, Recovery
8 X 50                    Kick, Moderate                                60
6 X 100                  Odd – Drill                                      10 Sec.
                                Even – Swim

For the athletes that completed this workout here are the average paces that they held for the set:
J – FR 57, BK 1:01
A – FR 59, BK 1:07
I – FR 1:02, BR 1:11
K – FR 1:03, BK 1:07
T – FR 1:03, BR 1:14
C – FR 56, FL (2)1:06, BK (3) 1:09, BR (3) 1:14
S – FR 1:01, BK 1:06


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